Dairy and Dairy Free


Come by and get your meat for your BBQ dinner. Premium USDA beef and pork locally supplied by The Chop Shop. Marinated chicken, restaurant quality, in five different varieties.


USDA Grass/Grain Fed Choice Beef and Pork:  Individually Wrapped

All KY Proud, Local Slaughter House, No hormones, No antibiotics


USDA Choice Grain Fed Poultry: Restaurant Quality, Individually Wrapped



Side Items ?


Other Trip Essentials

Find your side dishes in our store that include select potatoes, onions, vegetable and rice blends, bananas, apples, oranges, snacks and beverages.  Other essentials include charcoal, firewood, pharmaceuticals, aluminum foil, dish soap and ice. Your camping essentials consist of lantern gas for camping stoves, and other camping gear, hiking equipment such as handmade hiking sticks, hiking sandals, rain jackets or Kleen canteen water bottles. We carry your favorite souvenirs, shirts, caps or local made salves and soaps. 


S’mores & Fixings

Our delicious coffee is fair trade, organic and regionally roasted, supplied from Deeper Roots Coffee roaster in Cincinnati.